Thursday, April 29, 2010


Nine days and eight assignments separate me from Summer.

Eight assignments = two papers, one essay, two finals, one take-home final,
one in-class essay final, and one final paper.

An additional school-related activity takes place on Saturday. Volunteering!

Plus one more piano lesson and two more jazzes.

Nine days 'til.

Eight assignments to go.

Nine days 'til home.

Eleven days 'til two months.

Fourteen days 'til Jazz Tour.

Sixteen days 'til home again.

Eighteen days 'til Commencement.

Nineteen days 'til work.

Twenty-one days 'til HOBY.

Twenty-five days 'til official Summer (nothing but Tom's!).

I twittered this yesterday. It probably constitutes my favorite personal
twitter ever in the history of my twitter.

"Approx 9 things remain til freedom. 91 days since the beginning, 78 days
since the knowing, 48 days since the reality, 10 days to go."

Apparently, I really enjoy countdowns (and ups!). This probably explains why
I also enjoy to-do lists.

Perhaps it stems from my new-found deep dislike of denial?

I deeply dislike denial. :)

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