Sunday, June 19, 2011

Work and Summer Productive Town

As some of you may know, I am a cashier/do-it-all at a local gas station and
convenience store. Sure, this sounds like a lowly job that wouldn't involve
much excitement or mental exertion. I'm good at my job; I love my job and my
job loves me, but sometimes it gets a little too crazy.

Take tonight, for example.

Approximately ten minutes after I clocked in, a customer was pumping gas. All
was well until he ran in and alerted me that the hose line broke and there was
an ever-increasing puddle of gas. Had he shut off the pump before he ran away
from the scene? Absolutely not. I quickly shut off the pump through my register
and followed him outside to investigate. He refused to pay for the extra $1.34
that he wasted because he failed to shut off his pump before fleeing to get me
and I later went outside to spread Spillaway between customers, since I was
working alone.

While I was outside, trying to clean up the wasted gas and keep an eye on the
store for entering customers, a woman pulled up to someone who was getting gas
and I heard her ask the other person a question. I continued to clean up and
to watch for incoming customers. The woman then pulled up to me and asked me
if I knew where such-and-such a location was. I asked her if she had an address
or a street name and her passenger looked on her laptop and told me the street
name. Meanwhile, I saw a girl enter the store from the side door. I told the
woman that I knew the road, but was not sure how to get there and needed to go
inside because I had a customer. I told her that she could come inside with me
and I would look at a map for her. She continued to ask me for directions and said
that they had been driving around for three hours. I repeated myself at least
twice and she finally said, "Okay, I know you're busy." I turned to go inside,
she pulled away, and I expected her to park and follow me inside so that I could
show her a map. As I waited on the customer who was inside, I saw the woman
drive away. Three hours of being lost and she couldn't spare five minutes?

Toward the end of my shift, this super creepy guy (late 50s, gross, native small
town material) came in to buy cigarettes and asked me if I had a boyfriend. I do
not, so I said no. He asked if I don't like boys. I should have said yes. I said
no and that I'm just single. He made a few comments, such as saying that's a
shame and so on. He then said, "Maybe I could take you out to dinner some night."
No sirree, no thank you. Gross.

My job is ridiculous.


As far as my summer do-list that I posted most recently...

I've been reading a lot. I finished Scott Westerfield's The Uglies Series, I read
The Handmaid's Tale (which was AWESOME), I read Green Angel, and I am reading
The Children of Men. I need to get Full Dark No Stars from the library.

I've joined bookmooch. I've given 10 books away and am slated to receive 5.

I did not do my school portfolio. I put all of my work for the year in a box and
put all of my books for the year on my school shelf. Good enough.

For my t-shirt rag rug, I ordered a ready-to-go 24"x30" rug latch hook canvas
and have begun cutting t-shirts into 1"x4" strips. I need to find a latch hook
tool and buy more shirts.

I have not been writing.

I narrowed down my grad school search to the last three. Pitt, U at Albany (SUNY),
and East Tennessee State University. I will apply to these three schools and I
will be earning my MSW from whichever one is least expensive. Pitt and ETSU were
recommended by my advisor. Pitt has the 14th best MSW program in the nation and
U at Albany has the 12th best. ETSU is new, but sounds awesome.

Although I am fairly certain none of these grad schools require a GRE school for
admission, I will be taking the GRE on August 1. Unless I could cancel and get a
refund? I'll have to look into that.

People have been seen and are being seen. <3

One thing that was not posted on my do-list was to play French Horn. I got a
lesson book and played for the first time a few days ago. I suck at it.

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