Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Greatest Fear... that people would be swayed by or change for some
superficial criticism given to them by another person.

It deeply saddens me to see this happen. It is not okay.

Critical thought throughout everything!

I realized this in church yesterday morning... the topic of
the lesson was superficiality, how the Bible instructs us to
be deep people, and what it promises for us if we are.

Pastor Dave was telling stories seemingly unrelated to my
conclusion, but I inferred meaning on his stories... that
those who are superficial are not rooted and that those who
are not rooted are easily swayed.

Easily swayed is not a good thing to be. Always? Maybe.

(I believe one must have enough discernment to be able to know
what things are worthy of being swayed by. And, even then, this
does not constitute "easily-swayed," although it may appear to
be such, because discernment=critical thought, which requires
taking the time to think critically about something and discern
whether or not it is worthy of having influence. So, just because
a person is swayed by something, does not necessarily mean they
have been easily-swayed. Sometimes, a person swayed may look like
a person easily-swayed, but perhaps this person has previously
thought critically about a general issue and discerned his or her
own... sway-ability and, therefore, does not need to take as much
time in his or her discernment. So, before you go around calling
someone easily-swayed, you also must think critically in order to
discern whether or not this accusation is valid.)

This issue has always been important to me, but I never realized
how much. It makes sense, though.

It explains a lot of things... why I like school, why I enjoy
critical thinking and reflection (hello, PDP), why I've always
found satisfaction in logic, and so on.

I am focused on these things (knowledge, critical thinking, reflection,
logic) because I am afraid of being easily swayed.

Or at least I used to be. (Or, at least, I used to be? Not sure. I'm
thinking commas are correct. Yeah.)

However, I am no longer, because I am confident in my knowledge,
critical thinking, reflection, and logic. Although, some could easily
argue that continue to be motivated toward these things because I
am still afraid.

But the bottom line is that I am confident in these things and I
know I can handle myself in order not to be easily swayed. (Ew. A
split infinitive would sound SO much better right there.)

Therefore, my greatest fear has been transferred to others.

My greatest fear has been resolved in myself and now has a humanitarian
spirit within it, just like most everything I say.

I am not afraid that I will be easily swayed.

I am most afraid that others will be easily swayed because they have
not the appreciation for knowledge, critical thinking, reflection, or

I will go into this more deeply at a later time. I needed to write a
bit to begin the topic and satiate my desire to write outside of school

Further discussion will be...
The superficial criticism that sways (superficial) people.
The superficial people that give superficial criticism.
The possibility of mean-hearted, superficial people that do so on purpose.
...for the purpose of popularity seeking?

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