Monday, March 22, 2010


I want to talk about stereotypes.

I feel like I've written about stereotypes a lot, but when I conducted a word search
for "stereotype," "label," and "judg," I did not find much.

I distinctly remember writing, at one point in time, something that somewhat condoned
stereotyping and labeling and (gasp!) judging, to some extent, to a small degree.

But all I found was this...

"Granted, his statements and implied opinions are true for the majority, but this
kind of blanket stereotype is insulting to the non-majority and is therefore unacceptable."

...from College# Overview.

and this...

"'A name's a name.' Yes, well, it's also a label. Your child, Mr. Campbell, is going
to grow up with the stigma of what Hitler did forever attached to him. And sociology
studies have shown us that, chances are, he will strive to live up to his label.
(Deviants are deviant, after all) I think it's fairly possible that this child will
have serious emotional damage. If other people can't get over it and accept it as
'just a name,' why should he be any different?"

...from I Bet You Money Nazis Had Birthday Cakes.

All in all, quite disappointing. I am certain I've written more.

Ohhhhh, I know what probably happened. Whatever I've written before was probably
contained within a comment replying to someone who commented on one of my posts when
they were on Facebook. They're still there, as are the comments, but itwill take a
significantly longer period of time to find what I'm looking for. :(

- I really like statuses and place a lot of weight on them. Probably too much, at times.
- Labels are super, super influential. While they are certainly not all bad, because
they have such power, they must be used with wise discretion.
- Stereotypes are fun! To an extent. When not applied in a blanket fashion. Blankets
are bad.

What's the word... when you make a broad conclusion and want to say that you realize
there are exceptions, etc. That you understand what you said sounds like a blanket
statement, but understand that's not how you meant it? Starts with an a? Allowance?
No... :( I don't know. It's kind of like exception, exemption, allowance, but none of
those are the word I'm thinking of...

Oh, during-college vocabulary, how you fail me so.

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