Thursday, May 6, 2010

Uninspired Home

Looking at the list of upcoming topics, I am feeling uninspired to write about any
of them. Perhaps I shall work on one of my books. Throughout the course of this
semester, If I Were a Teacher has become increasingly long.

I fear I may have missed a few that were to be added. I'm sure they will arise with
the negative energy at least once more before I leave here in two years' time.

So, rather than writing about an uninspired upcoming topic or working on my book(s),
I shall write about the upcoming event: Home.

I'm leaving tomorrow. This is unreal.

I'm leaving significantly earlier than everyone else (finals continue through Tues).

I know I will miss them, but I am anticipating returning home simply too much for
that to even be a reality right now.

I expect that, when I return here on Tuesday for Jazz Band, I will regret being one
of the first to leave because I will have missed many proper goodbyes. I fear that
this may become a big problem. :/

But, um, in the irrationality of the moment, I'M GOING HOME TOMORROW.

Apparently, I had less to say about that than I thought.

I really dislike how many "I" statements there are in this post.

Well. Time to work on some book(s).

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