Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Quiet People Make Better Actors (and School)

Why Quiet People Make Better Actors

Apparently, I am a very easy person to read. I've been told this multiple times.
So, I've been thinking about it and I've decided that it has something to do with
my body language. A friend of mine was telling me a story and he could tell that
I had predicted the end of his story simply by how I touched my face in reaction
to his story.

But I know other people whose body language is not so easy to read. Their body
language is not so expressive. So why?

I am a generally quiet, more soft-spoken person.

I am more expressive through body language.

So, maybe more soft-spoken people are more expressive through body language?
(And thus, easier to read?)

So, following this train of thought...

Because acting usually calls for an ability to be very expressive through one's
body, a person who is more expressive through body language would probably be a
better actor. And, if the theory holds that quieter people are more expressive
through body language, then quieter people would be better actors.

(and School)

Spring 2011
Geology Lab
Psych Research Methods
Psych Research Methods Lab
Socio Research Methods II
Group Process
Social Inequality

Fall 2011
Socio of the Family
Biological Psychology
Fundamentals of Learning

Interterm 2012
Field Experience

Spring 2012
Interventive Methods
Public Mental Health
Biology (dunno what kind)
Cultural Anthropology OR Dev/Underdev of the Modern World

Putting this in writing guarantees something will go wrong...




The Balcony Lady said...

Hey, that is not a positive thought about your plans for classes to finish undergrad college!

I like your thinking on the first part though.

Judith said...

oh heyyy it's me! I think your theory about quiet people is DEAD ON. It definitely makes since going back and thinking about people I know etc.. :)