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CHOPE = fail (Jan 20, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, January 20, 2009)

Although I absolutely refused to watch the inauguration and was terribly disappointed when I came home from work only to find the entire ordeal being recorded on VHS, I did see some of the post-ceremony coverage.
**albeit the recording was not for this household**

For those of you who saw any part of anything that happened today, did you manage to notice how awful our new monarch was at repeating his oath?

I think that anyone who cannot muster up enough brain cells to remember and recite a short sentence and a half should not be allowed in office. The argument that someone should not be allowed to rule because of a lack of experience is not argument at all. ((But maybe I'm just bitter because, during my job exploration, the Dover Diner (which is run by the Spanish Mafia) told be that I would not even be considered for waitressssssing because I had no previous experience. How am i supposed to get experience if no one hires me? "Being president is a greater responsibility than being a waitress," you say. Perhaps, but experience or lack thereof should be taken into consideration only minimally, if at all.)) But anyway... experience is no matter. Possessing the memory span of a goldfish, however, is quite important.

"Most bizarrely, he spoke about what great things 'free men and women can achieve.'" (Larken Rose)
Therefore, according to Mr. Monarch, those in bondage are capable of achieving nothing. That makes sense. The question is not if slaves can achieve greatness, but who, in the next four-eight years, will be made to be slaves.

Facebook was host to countless events for Inauguration Day and numerous groups for Bush's Last Day, all of which I responded to with my rebellious "Not Attending." Did I miss out on an important historic event? Perhaps, but it wasn't like I was in a coma for the day. I was here and alive and aware of what was happening, but demonstrating my own personal revolt by refusing to observe. Which, I think, is interesting to point out because, if anyone observes, it's me. Was it a childish revolt? Probably, but honestly, I had no interest in watching the two-hour event. None whatsover. Do I have any regrets about ignoring the inauguration event? None whatsoever. To me, it really wouldn't've made any difference. As much as I ignored the events, they continued on and, if I had observed the events, I would not have enjoyed them.

And I feel like if I keep typing, I'll keep saying the same things over and over, so I'm done.

Happy The Beginning of the Death of America Day!

Take it down! Take it down efficiently!

Chope (n.): to reserve a seat, esp. by placing a packet of tissue paper on it.

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