Thursday, January 7, 2010

College (Dec 23, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, December 23, 2008)

Due to the combination of the non-compliance of life's circumstances to my idealistic plan of free college and my terrible sinus headache, I'm quite upset.

Angry at Bridgewater? Yes, indeedly doodle.
They gave away their last full scholarship last week, so even if I had scored forty points higher on December 6th, it wouldn't've made a difference. But we didn't know that.

And, regardless, I have better bragging rights now?

But I don't need more reasons to be proud! I have plenty of that!

Ahh, but we'll get it elsewhere!

I wanted to be done.

I understand that life wouldn't be any fun if it always went according to plan and that we can't rely on our plans because there is no plan, but it would've been awful nice had it gone according to plan this time.

TERRIFIC Christmas present. >.>

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