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(posted to Facebook, January 3, 2009)

I just wrote a really cool note and I hit the side button of the mouse,
which is equivalent to the back button and it's all GONE.

So... do I try and rewrite while my train of thought is not too far away?
Or do I give up and walk away out of sheer frustration??
How about I compromise and rewrite frustratingly? Rahhhhh, rewrite.

I think... that time spent with one's most favorite people
is never time enough.

And, furthermore, that after time spent with one's most
favorite people, one misses them to an exponentially
greater degree.


Like today...
Third Christmas started at 11a and I was worried that time
would pass too quickly, but was glad to first look at the clock
and see that it was only 1p. It seemed like time was letting
us socialize. But oh, time never waits and time never slows
because, before I knew it, it was 4p. :(

If I really WAS troubled and I really WAS going to run away,
that'd be where to find me. ...with one's most favorite people.


This is my new theory about types...
"and it's always us females that observe that boys have types
and don't notice, which inclines me to think that females are less
likely to have a type because they are more focused on it"

So... does one not internalize that characteristic because one
is focusing on it? Or does one resist adopting that characterization
because of the obsession? (yes, I did reword and restate that
simply to use the word characterization)
(my apologies... it was worded MUCH better in the lost note)

So... does one resist the characteristic because of being so
focused on it in others or does one simply manage to ignore
their own 'type' because of the obsession of it in others?

The resistance by focus seems counter-intuitive. The experts
that make up the famous "they" tell us that what one focuses
on is what one receives. That, if we believe in success, we will
be successful. ...that, what one focuses on is what one notices
and what one notices is what is internalized.

"What we worship is what we become." wva
(...I actually don't like that quote)

So, if that is the case, then it must be that this focus also
brings about ignorance of one's own personality and inclination
toward a certain 'type.'

...needless to say, I've been trying to decide if I have a type.

(this was really far better the first time I wrote it)

uh.... ::frustration!::

Mmkay, I'm done.

I had more to say and I had said more, but I'm done. WhatEV.

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