Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rant + Sunday-Monday + Update (Aug 13, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, August 13, 2008)

The voting system is broken. (I'm realizing how much so)
This is the media's fault.
The economy is breaking.
That would be because of the war, mostly.
And insane government spending and the Federal Reserve.
America is going down.
It started with Reagan and Churchill. I'm angry with them.

My new book is FANTASTIC.

Sunday afternoon I drove out to McConnellsburg to visit Troy. We
played old video games like the original Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt
and reminisced about Metroid and Kirby. Dinner was incredible. Then
we went to the Fulton County Fair, watched the Fair Queen Pageant,
and looked at the bunnies and horses. Troy and I went with Jenny
and Justin to their house, two other people came over, and we played
Monopoly until midnight. Then Troy's dad picked us up and we ended
up staying up until 2:30 in the morning.
Monday morning Troy and I went exploring in McConnellsburg and I
got seriously lost and confused. Then we went to Ellen's house and
watched video feed of the Sunday night swimming relay where America
pulled ahead of France. We also played two games of Egyptian War (or
ERS), both of which I won, even though Ellen wins every game of
anything, ever, apparently. Sara came over and we all went into town
to go to the guidance office for scheduling problems while Ellen's mom
got chinese food for lunch. We also went to the fairgrounds again, as
Ellen had four photos to enter. Back to Ellen's house for lunch, and then
Troy and I went to his house for a little longer before I left.
I got home just in time to take a load in and run back out the door to
go to West Man to meet Leah and the gang to see the new Mummy movie.
Lacey, Rachel, and myself sat towards the back with the cool kids. The
movie was quite decent, better than I had expected, although the ending
RUINED it all. I was QUITE upset. Just ask Lacey.
Then Rachel and I went to my car to follow Leah's mom to her house,
and I skillfully backed into a parking space near them so that I would be
ready to follow. It was perfect. I introduced Rachel to Brave Saint Saturn
and some more Arcade Fire, and we listened to Zac's one TLP album, the
one with Physics and all the Shannons. Great stuff. Tracks 1, 9, 10, 12,
Ereka, and all the Shannons.
Then we hung out at Leah's house. We played a non-scored version of
Catch Phrase, ate pizza, ate cake, watched a WVA video, had a crazy
theological/endtimes discussion, and watched Phelps win... again. Haha.
I took Lacey and Rachel to Border's and gave them to Lacey's dad and
then I went home. =D

Sunday-Monday ROCKED.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning, and I'm having lunch with
Jeremy after that. My summer to-do list is finished!
Visit Troy - done
Visit Jen S - done (but not enough!!)
Lunch with Jeremy - will be done
Purple Door - ticket's bought

I'm going to have a steady babysitting job, every Monday and Wednesday
after Algebra class until 5 or 5:30. I figure that should be about $100/month.

Psychology at HACC starts August 19. TR 2-3:15
Algebra at PSY (die!) starts August 25. MWF 1-1:50
Redemptive Cinema at LBC starts August 28. R 6:30-9:30
(we'll be at LBI from August 23 - September 1)
English Composition I at HACC starts September 2. T 6:30-9:35
Sociology at HACC starts September 3. W 6:30-9:35

I'm going to have to keep reminding myself that my LBC class is on Thursday
night, not Wednesday. I'm missing six classes during beach week, two of
which are firsts. Oh well. The beach rocks.

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