Thursday, January 7, 2010

Political Rant (Apr 15, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, April 15, 2008)

Get your tomatoes ready...

I should be doing school, but I am so terribly aggravated
that I absolutely must get this out before I can be productive
in any way.

Disclaimer: I am not here to solicit you to vote for who I
support, I am simply going to rant about how we might as
well eliminate the voting system.

What? Yes. At least, we might as well, because that is the
attitude I have received when I approach people with my
"idealism" and (dare I say) "high hopes." (expectations??)

I ask people if they think America is headed the wrong direction.
They agree. I ask if they want to honor they constitution. They
do. I ask if they support Ron Paul. Again, they do. But are they
going to vote for him? Of course not! The absurdity!

This makes no sense. Although, sounding like Pete, I can understand
their point of view. >.<>

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