Saturday, January 9, 2010

Post-Birthday Reflections (March 19, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, March 19, 2009)

Well, I'm old now. Or... oldish.

I can vote (Four months too late).

I can drive anytime I want (I'm afraid it may not be as
exciting as I made it out to be, but since I made such
a fuss over it, I will tell you that it's awesome).

I can buy cigarettes (I don't smoke; there are cooler
ways to die. Plus, it's expensive).

I can be tried as an adult (What am I going to do?).

Etc, etc (The rest of what comes with being an adult
is not worth mentioning).

The only thing I cannot do is drink. No biggie.

I've learned some things, eh?

I'm not as sheltered as you think I am (I know a lot
of stuff. Just because I don't act on what I know does
not mean that I don't know it, you know? XD).

I don't like kids because I know lots of parents that
do not discipline their children AT ALL and these kids
are the most annoying things IN THE WORLD (I will
have kids and have AMAZING kids and be an AWESOME
mother... just. out. of. spite.).

I think I might make an okay mother, since being
able to console, entertain, and care for Remington
(But that could just be because he's the best).

I am very close to achieving my purpose (I bought the
film that inspired me in order to keep me motivated).

I am easily intimidated by the people I look up to
(Regardless of how close we are, I still feel like someone
lesser when next to them. Encouraged to emulate what
I admire about them, but petrified by their awesomeness).

I'm currently kind of annoyed, amused, and anxious.
Nah, not anxious... less unable-to-sit-still... more...
dissatisfied with the routine of my life in comparison
to what will be on August 29.

"With the nearing of a goal, anticipation increases
and one becomes more dedicated to the future than
to the present."

Yeah, like that. More anticipatory.

That is all.

Addendum: Having kids out of spite is not a good enough reason for me.
(Jan 9, 2010)

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