Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kids. (Jan 18, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, January 18, 2009)

I've decided that it's not so much that I don't like kids, that kids bother me, or that I'm not used to having lots of little kids around, but the real problem is that I don't like unruly children with non-disciplinary parents.

And, not only do these parents not discipline their children, they don't even seem to hear them when they cry repeatedly for comfort.

"Dada, dada, dada, dada, dada, dada!" Nothing! No turn of the head, no raise of the eyebrow, no twinge of changed physical expression!

And after big sister tries to shut up the kid instead of providing some source of sympathy, she says, "Go to mama." ...Attachment parenting says the mother should go to the child, no? The kid was too racked with sorrow to even meander over to someone who should have given her comfort.

(While I also believe that a child should learn to be somewhat independent, the way that independence is developed is by not being forced to be self-sufficient. It almost doesn't sound right, but that is how it works.)

Big sister, you do not have the political control to hand out punishment.

The way to get your child to stop crying is not by putting your hand over their mouth.

Parents should teach their children that it is not necessary to run everywhere they go and that it is necessary to look where they are going and with whom they are about to collide.

The most efficient way to discipline is to do so immediately, swiftly, and severely enough to put an end to the deviant behavior.

It's not so much kids I don't like, but rather their ineffective parents.

I might have kids just so that I can show them how parenting should be done. Just out of spite.

I might have kids just out of spite.

Addendum: But I won't.
(Jan 9, 2010)

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