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A Reflection about the PDP Reflection Journal (Sep 7, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, September 7, 2009)

APA is convenient because it eliminates the need to know what words in a title get capitalized and what words do not. You only capitalize the first. Nothing else.

Barnes has gotten me in the habit of double-spacing after every sentence. What a classical way to type.

I was putting off my PDP Reflection Journal writing for a while, mostly because I feel I am well-versed in the skill of reflection. Not only is it a large part of my personality sentimentality... but it is also a thing that I practice regularly. Even if I do not write it down, I am quite the contemplative person. Tell me I'm wrong.

I've done two entries for my Reflection Journal so far. The first is about jazz band: my original (selfish) motivation for doing jazz band, and my new (refined and improved) motivation for continuing to do jazz band. My conclusion was that my new reason for doing jazz band is because I see the value in the experience. My original motive was for the fame.

My second entry is about five little things that happened this week and how they impacted me positively, even though they are seemingly small and insignificant. A compliment after jazz band, a conversation about SOAD and the Angry Armenians, a compliment during the football game, the camaraderie that was established during the football game, and the distant hello from Dr. Weir. My conclusion was that camaraderie can be established naturally, but there are also opportunities to establish such a mutual understanding that can either be taken or ignored. My second conclusion was that a compliment or a wave can have a deep positive impact, regardless of how small and insignificant they may seem.

Do not pass up opportunities to establish camaraderie.

And thus leads me to my reflection about the PDP Reflection Journal. While the journal will be a practice in things I already do on a regular basis, there will be value in the experience because the reflections will be much more solidified when they are put into text.

Essentially, I will be writing parts of The Influence List throughout my college career.

I just learned how to spell camaraderie.

And the hardest part was letting go, not taking part... You really broke my heart.

The meaning of this line just hit me. I interpret compassion in the lyrics of Chris Martin.


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