Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh >.> (Jan 15, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, January 15, 2009)

The title is my representation of a noise of uncertainty.

I'm wavering between having an underlying (sneaky snake!) panic
attack about my classes and assuring myself that I'll be fine.

[ if you're going to leave a comment saying, "you'll be fine," and
that's all you're going to say... I appreciate your sympathies and
encouragement, but please don't bother. :) ]

I really like cranberry juice. So much so, that I could easily give up
iced tea in trade for cranberry juice.

So, I used to mix a glass of cranberry juice with a little bit of our
natural blueberry-pomegranate juice because cranberry is a little
tart for me, but now, it's straight-up cranberry juice.

And I really like Vitas.

And I'm not hungry, but I want to eat.

And I really like Vitas. Especially the Philosophy of Miracle and Return
home albums. And almost all of the singles. Wooooo.

I made myself a homework notepad so I can keep track of all of my
assignments because I have a feeling I'll be busy keeping track of
Jones and her crazy incoherentcies. Incoherencies? 'Tis no matter,
neither of them are words, so I can use either, as long as I am
consistent. Incoherencies, it is. It SEEMS like it should be a word. lol.

But anyway... right now, it looks like everything is reading.

D'you know why I really enjoy That 70's Show? The basement gang is
a terrific little clique. The jock, the geek, the preppy girl, the awesome
tomboy girl, the punk, and the foreign kid. Wheeeeee.

I have to read all my syllabi. They're so dry. Speech has a quiz on it.


I want it to be Thanksgiving again.

Haha, I love Fez's accent. haha.

And Hyde's my favorite. Wooooooo.

"What's convenient is not always what's best."

I had more to say, but it has all since left me.

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