Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grrgrdsh (Jan 6, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, January 6, 2009)

Alright, really? People need to have more of an imagination.

...just because you interpret something one way, that doesn't
mean it's automatically and irrefutably so, just because you
feel inclined to say it is and don't exert the time and energy to
play skeptic and test out different POVs.

(haha, cinema term)

Playing skeptic is great fun, too. I don't think it's a chore.

It's dumb. I was having a terrific day at work and I come home
to stupid people being stupid and making assumptions and acting
like they could never ever even be slightly wrong. >.<
Well, not at home... in my email inbox. :(


So, kids, add these to my lengthy list of antipathies*...
people without an imagination
people without common sense
people that act like they're irrefutably wrong ALL THE TIME
people that refuse to think outside of the box

(this is why I say I don't like most people at most times... because
out of my list of antipathies... about 95% are negative people-traits)

Also, apparently, something happened at the bank because
yesterday, I heard (I wasn't there), David just up and left.
And he wasn't there today. :( But Walt's back. :)

...somebody got a LAPTOP.

*I googled "pet peeve +synonym" because I abhor the term
"pet peeve" with the most execration** EVER.

**noun: execration
1. the object of cursing or detestation; that which is execrated
2. an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group
3. hate coupled with disgust

(I love words)

Addendum: I have entirely forgotten what this was originally about.
(Jan 9, 2010)

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