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Rant (Oct 28, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, October 28, 2008)


Why? Because I've found I'm less grumpy when I write.

Internet? Because a keyboard is faster than a pencil.
Also because if I write with a pencil, it'll turn out cursive,
which takes twice as long.

Hiatus? Yeah, yeah. I'm still monitoring things, just not
really interacting. A little, maybe, but not near as much.

Why? I'm just done with people right now. Done.


So apparently, this social activity I attend is planning on
making its already strict rules even more strict. It went
from 'behave' to 'don't go outside' and now it'll be 'stay
in the box.' What? Why? Probably because they only
have one intimidating bouncer and he's probably tired and
would like to make his realm of watchfulness implode upon
itself. He's tired and would like to make his realm of watch-
fulness implode upon itself. Hm. First off, we NEED to have
the allowance to escape from the box (haha) because
it's gotten far too loud. This is a SOCIAL activity, not a
shut-up-you've-got-to-listen-to-this activity. Most people
can get that at home. Huh. Secondly, people naturally
divide into groups, that's how we work. If you make the
room available smaller, the groups will struggle to honestly
communicate because they are in closer vicinity to each
other, and yet, they will continue to divide because that's
how we work. Being in a more confined space will make
these splits so much more obvious because they'll be
contained to a single room, instead of being able to wander.
And when people SEE that they've split themselves up, they'll
proceed to start acting weird: most importantly, they'll fail
to communicate honestly in fear of the neighbor group over-
hearing what they may have to say. I KNOW this is important,
because last time, I had a major rant to complete (twice or
more, actually), but had I been confined to the box (with
the subject and source of my rant), I would not have been
able to honestly express myself. And see, if you confine
people to the box, and someone has to rant, and they're so
outspoken that they will, even in the company of the source
of their rant, someone's going to get hurt. We make groups
to insulate and protect ourselves. The system is going to
implode upon itself! The system is going to implode upon
itself! Implode!


((I've acquired a variation of Ray Bradbury's style of writing.
You know, that stuff that you kind of have to read twice...
Or... that makes you read it twice because it's there twice.))


English class! Bah! English! He returned two quizzes tonight
(English quizzes are: 'write two well-developed paragraphs')
and I got a 9/10 on both of them, which seems to be my
typical score. However, both of these had less marks than
any of the other quizzes. The one opened with:

-----In Ray Bradbury's, Fahrenheit 451, he talks about...

He said to eliminate both commas, which is right. He took
off a whole point for two commas.

Wait, it gets better.

In the other one, he marked to eliminate ONE comma. A whole
point for a comma! A point for a comma! A point for your comma?
Mom says I should ask him (whoa, deja vu, I have NO idea),
but thinking through it now, his logic would be that a 10/10 is
100%, and therefore, would consist of no marks.

Well then, I guess I should rant about 10-point scoring systems.


The Olympics and other (dance?) athletic competitions are scored
on 10-point systems, but they include at least one decimal place,
if not more. I think the Olympics uses 00.000?


On another note... I'm pretty sure Pandozzi has disappeared.
He teaches a class that starts shortly after my psychology class
ends and I had a letter of recommendation form for Bridgewater
for him to fill out, so I hung around at Rm 118 where his class
is but NO ONE was there. No students, nothing. So I went to ask
the Faculty Secretary (who I've already established to be a little
dim) and she said he wasn't in and that he should be at 118. Not
there. Try the Computer Lab and the Library Classroom. (I went
back to check 118 again for good measure) Nothing. I'll put it in
his mailbox, then.

It better get to the right place.

The point of this story is that neither Jeremy nor I have heard
from him in quite some time and he canceled his class for today,
apparently. I think he disappeared...



He's tired and would like to make his realm of watchfulness
implode upon itself.

The system is going to implode upon itself!


I have this new style of writing (in addition to my Bradbury-esque)
where I jump from thought to thought to thought with no transition
sentences. I bet that would make Barnes angry. Example:

-----Haha, the "bailout" is now referred
-----to as a rescue effort.

-----vote third party; chuck baldwin for pres.
-----or Bob Barr., whatever, split the vote,
-----I don't care, just as long as you don't
-----vote for the celebrities/old people (obama
-----and palin, mccain and biden)

-----see? I'm okay with it. you should be, too.
-----hurrah for proselytizing.

-----bah, freedom zones are RIDICULOUS.

-----lesser of two evils? NEVER do that, please.

-----RON PAUL 2009!! yeah

-----Ron Paul raised more money than anyone.

See? They're connected, but not in an outspoken way. It's like
a textual mindmap!


...I had something else to say. >.>


Oh, so tonight at English we had our In-Class Essay (#3) and
he said it's like our Midterm because we don't have any homework
for next week, but it's about three weeks late for our Midterm but
whatever. (rambleramble) It was a reaction essay to Fahrenheit 451
and I ranted about a) ignorance of voters, b) shallow conversation,
and c) superficial relationships. Basically, ignorance and apathy,
hooray! I also described the book as one of the best books I've
read, but also one of my least favorites. (because it's so frighteningly
and depressingly accurate!) I highly recommend it, but don't...
I'm grumpy because of it. :) Well anyways, I think it was a pretty
good essay, I'll post it when I get it back next week.


My eyes are TIRED and I go into work tomorrow at 5:30a. Jeremy
is supposed to visit me and I need to work out my schedule-mess
with Nikki and Amber.


((Katie, I tagged you because of English and that 'social activity;'
Judith, I tagged you because of politics and voter ignorance; and
Jen, I tagged you because you know Pandozzi and may equally be


Oh, I remembered. >.> I LOVE Rammstein. You have NO idea. SRSLY.


I'm going to visit Bridgewater College this Friday.


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