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The Draft (Feb 18, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, February 18, 2009)

So I was poking around Ron Paul's weekly column, Texas
Straight Talk (, and his most
recent entry is titled "Reinstating the Draft."

Anyway, I'm not going to tell you all how amazing Ron
Paul is, how much of my hero he is, or how much of a
Libertarian I am...

Instead, I'd like to share with you a funny little story. :)

At the last Friday coffeehouse, this one kid was sharing his
post-highschool plans and he said that he's going into the
army before college so that he can use the army scholarship
or whatever or however that works.
And I simply remarked that he might end up in the army
earlier than he plans if the draft is reinstated.

He looked at me like I was crazy. He was absolutely stupefied.

I don't see what the big deal is... the topic has been relatively
openly discussed in political rings.

Being informed of what political rings are discussing is definitely
a good thing to be.

Also, I caught a glimpse of a newspaper article today that said
that Obama is going to send troops to Afghanistan.

Um... I thought Obama's pre-election claims was to bring the
troops home?

...because I know that lots of the Neo-Cons I know were all
concerned because "our borders won't be safe if we don't
occupy foreign nations!"

Really? The reason our borders ARE unsafe because we ARE
occupying foreign nations. Now, let's think about this logically,
Neo-Cons... if Nation A is occupying Nation B, don't you think
that Nation B would be inclined to occupy Nation A back?

Nation B: "You gonna occupy us? Well, we're gonna occupy
you BACK!"

So, uh... those troops better come home!

I think, was it Bob Barr's proposal? That he would bring the
troops home and NOT DISCLOSE THE DATE? Superb idea.

"Neo-Con" is my new favorite term.

And Morphine's "I'm Yours, You're Mine" is terrific.
And all across that line.
Stretched between your bed and mine.
All alone just for tonight.
I'm yours and you're mine.
He has SUPERB passion.

Oh, and... tonight, I was compared to a Conservative. Neo-Cons
are the people I do not want to be associated with. I am a Libertarian.
I am a Libertarian. Liberty is mine. And then! I explained that taxes
(at least the Federal Income Tax) are illegal and over-applied and
superfluous (see Larkin Rose's Kicking the Dragon), I was accused
of being more extreme than the Conservatives.

Well, I never said I'm not less extreme, I said I'm not a Conservative.

See, in this day and age...
Conservative = Republican
Liberal = Democrat
...and I realize that there are many exceptions to the rule, but this
is the general societal categorization.
However, there is one category that is the same, whether talking
about left and right or party and party.
Libertarian = Libertarian

I am a Libertarian. Liberty is mine.

Addendum: I've recently realized that I AM more extreme than most Conservatives. Probably all. Probably almost all. Definitely all literal Conservatives. I'm a radical. And I'm proud of it. :]
(Jan 9, 2010)

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