Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Horst Sotry (Nov 14, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, November 14, 2008)

I'm having a terrible time of typing lately. Probably because earlier today, I hurriedly typed up seventeen pages of cursive writing in order to get it done before the coffeehouse tonight.

But anyway, I've finished a new short story and because of copyright reasons, will not be posting it here, simply because it is so long. Seventeen notebook pages of smallish cursive equals 3708 words, btw.

Thirty-seven hundred words! Definitely longer than my last short story of 1800 words, approximately. It's seven pages long, single-spaced. Granted, there are one-inch margins and ten section breaks (each being three lines of space), but still. Longest short story I've ever written.

It's also probably the most fictional short story I've ever written. Again, like Impossible, somewhat based on a dream, but barely so. It's mostly composed of lessons I've attained through observational learning of the relationships of others. I also mention the Thomas Theorem of Sociology That which we believe is real, is real in its consequences, compare the idea of love to the sociological concept of deviance. Maybe love is like the sociological concept of deviance.
Maybe love is what we want it to be. Maybe love is what we say it is, and discuss how it is not healthy to threaten suicide to your significant other when faced with relationship difficulties.

And while I think I've struck some epiphaneal gold within my story, it also happens to seem like most cliche.

I'll be carrying a copy of it with me for the next few... weeks? months? In order to share it with people who ask and to look over it in my spare time to make changes/corrections/additions/etc.

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