Sunday, January 24, 2010

Placebos and Attitude.


Everything’s a placebo.
You, me, love. Placebo.

So, I have this new theory. Everything’s a placebo… at least to some extent. Everything’s a placebo.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am no big fan of the medical system, no big fan of medicine, and certainly no big fan of doctors. The type of person I am most prejudiced against would probably have to be doctors… and nurses… pretty much all medical personnel with the exceptions of emergency responders.

This “everything’s a placebo” theory is pretty simple.

Essentially, you wouldn’t take a certain medicine if you didn’t believe in it in some capacity. Therefore, every medicine, whether medical or natural, has the potential to be a placebo to some extent.

So… if everything’s a placebo, why take a potential poison?

Aside from some placebos containing poisonous substances… aside from that… there’s nothing inherently wrong with the concept and philosophy of placebos. Placebos have astoundingly high success rates. Placebos work. It’s all about attitude. Everything’s all about attitude.


Everything’s all about attitude.
Bad attitude, bad day.
Better attitude, better day.

Notice I didn’t say “Good attitude, good day.” A good attitude is no guarantee for a good day. A great attitude is no guarantee for a great day. There are those who believe that a supremely positive and optimistic attitude can overcome any negative obstacle, any negative situation, any negative person. I disagree. There is more to overcoming everything than attitude. This is vision. Vision. The ability to see past such obstacles and keep one’s sights set on the ultimate goal, the ultimate hope. Vision. Having an ultimate hope for the ultimate goal.

However, the degree of your attitude greatly affects not the outcome of situations, events, and days, but how you view such situations, events, and days. Your attitude affects not the situations, events, and days, but your perspective of them. A positive attitude allows a positive perspective of even the most negative of situations, which ultimately provides the opportunity for a positive outcome.

Your positive attitude is a catalyst for positive influences from negative events.

Attitude is everything. Everything’s all about attitude.

I'll probably definitely discuss attitude more in depth in the few upcoming entries. Attitude. The issue's been coming up a lot lately.

Upcoming topic is complaining.

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