Thursday, January 7, 2010

Le Coeur de Scorpion III 04-24 (May 23, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, May 23, 2008)

The five days you don't talk with someone can feel like
an eternity, even if your last conversation was real and
not relayed over miles of telephone wire.

Logic seems to tell us that a tangible communion would
make us less lonely, even after we say goodbye. But,
instead, the inverse is true.

The physicality of it makes it mean so much more than a
digital voice you cannot see. And because of this, our
hearts are in more pain because we miss it more.

The things that mean the most are the things we miss
the most. However, it isn't all bad. After we heal, the
things that mean the most also create the best memories.
And greater hope for future reunions.
And a greater appreciation for the friend.
And each conversation taken more seriously...
valued more than before...
And each minute will be heard with more concern.
each word will be listened to with more compassion.
each hour together will be savored.
each moment will never be forgotten.

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