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Wok Stories (Nov 13, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, November 13, 2008)

The tile should be work stories, but that's how I typed it and I figured I would leave it like that. Because woks are used for Asian cuisine and Asian cuisine makes me think of Hibachi grills, one of which can be found in the cafeteria of Bridgewater College, which is where I'm going! ::mindmap::

But I digress... ...Work Stories.

I love my job. There are only two people I work with that I don't particularly get along with. Two out of eight coworkers isn't too shabby. The one is just crazy and by-the-book-bob and the other is apparently crazy and overly talkative and a little incompetent, or so I've heard, having only worked with this person once.

I've officially been accepted into my weekday morning clique of Amber and Nikki, as I now park in the unofficial employee parking and they share whatever food or drink they happen to bring in. (Or that the Utz guy gives us as a means to get on Nikki's good side)

We have a new Red Bull guy and we've gotten rid of our Red Bull barrel cooler and the last time he made a delivery he was taking that with him to get rid of/ refurbish/do whatever they do with old barrel coolers. Our floor is deep tile and as he was rolling the barrel cooler out of the store and making an obscene amount of noise, I was at the register and Nikki was trying to tell me something as she made coffee and, due to the Red Bull guy's disruptive noise, I projected, "What? I can't hear you," to which the Red Bull guy responded by picking up the barrel cooler and awkwardly carrying it out the door.
N e w R e d B u l l g u y = h i l a r i o u s

Amber's been really hyper the past two days because her and Nikki are taking a road trip this weekend, so she was being a retard (Nikki's words, it's okay, they're cousins) and I laughed so hard I cried. Two days in a row.

And Jimmy (customer) thinks I'm the nice one, which I guess I am, but the other day, his cigarettes slid out of my hand and on to the register and he went, "What, throwing my cigarettes around, now?" To which I replied, "What, do you want a new pack?" He was quite taken aback by my 'newly developed' sarcasm and I told him that I've always been like that, he just hadn't seen it.

My other two favorite customers are related, which I recently learned. One of which is an ex-Video Warehouse employee, so I know him through there, and the other is his dad.

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