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srsly, slmt. (Dec 17, 2008)

(posted to Facebook, December 17, 2008)

___Suddenly Seymour is standin' beside you
___You don't need no makeup, don't have to pretend
___Suddenly Seymour is here to provide you
___Sweet understanding
___Seymour's your friend


So I worked today from 2-6p and it was just the new
girl and me. wasn't that bad. I was in charge, so
that was pretty awesome. : ) And I handled the lotto
machine all by myself and told her how to ring up a
money order. Hooray, independence!

David is pretty much the nicest guy ever. Haha, and
the other bank lady came to buy cigarettes and she
thought that I knew what she wanted and I said that
I didn't and then she asked David if he knew what she
wanted and he didn't, because he "quit a while ago."
And bank lady remarked, "oh, I didn't know you ever
smoked." And David said, "yeah, I quit in two-thousand
eleven." HAHA. Awwwwesommme.

Awesome is my new favorite and overworked word.

Here comes the vague...

___Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
___and I say it's all right


No one can be THAT busy. Really? Seriously? No. It's
just not possible! Anyone can carve out five minutes to
answer a quick email, no matter how busy they may be.
Really. You don't even have to be in-depth or philosophical
or thought-provoking. At least, you don't have to try to
be. Just acknowledge my email and let me know you're still
alive! : ) Just five minutes! Seriously.

...but maybe... ...maybe you want to take more than five
minutes to write to me.

I'm in a musical-mood.

I have a band song stuck in my head and I don't know what
it is. : /

: (

December Birthdays
1 - Jen S ("no, it's the second!" says mom HAHA)
14 - Jeremy T
17 - Reuben
21 - John B
23 - Mike L

...those are the ones I have memorized, anyway.

Oh oh oh! So David came over to get a sandwich for... lupper
(dunch?) and he said what he wanted on it as I was ringing
him up and new girl, trying to be helpful, went over to the
counter to write it down and she couldn't remember and she
failed at processing what he wanted at least twice (and wasted
enough time trying to comprehend that I handed David his
change) and I walked over and said "turkey, tomato, mayo,
and onion." And Walt was there, and since it had been a good
minute and a half (filled with incoherent trying-to-understands
from new girl) since David had said his actual order, Walt says,
"wow. why are you so good at remembering?" astonished. XD
And I go, "well, I have a good short-term memory and I'm
homeschooled, so I'm awwwwesommme." "Hehe," went David.


And then, new girl proceeded to ruin the awwwwesommme story
by arguing that she, too, is homeschooled, but I won't bore you
with that nonsense. ...'cause she's not.

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