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Rantrantrantrantrant? Rantrantrant. (March 12, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, March 12, 2009)

::muttermutter:: Graduation Ceremony ::muttergrowl::

First off, there seems to be a general consensus that
the guests of eighteen graduates will add up to 90-126.
That is, 5-7 guests for each student.

Except for me. I'm pretty much going to invite almost
everyone I know. And I know a lot of people. And I'm
going to get them all to attend. Our venue has a maximum
capacity of 1,500. Have some ambition!

The general attitude that has been expressed to me is
that, even if they invite everyone they know, only 5-7
people will show up to support the individual graduate.

Why have such a large venue?

No. I am absolutely NOT giving up the venue. That is
the best part of the ceremony.'s becoming the only good part. ::muttermutter::

I'm only mostly kidding. :(

Bottom line? Let's hypothesize. How in the world would
only 5-7 people attend MY graduation ceremony? Either
I only invited that many people, which means that I feel
close enough to only 5-7 people to invited them or only
that many people came out of the many I invited, which
means that only 5-7 people feel close enough to me to

HOW is that possible?

How am I so AWESOME?


Secondly, many parents want to eliminate the parent
letter that appears in the program opposite their child's
program bio.


Personally, I don't have a problem with eliminating the
page of opportunity and replacing it with a line or two
at the bottom of each student's program bio, but...

They want to eliminate it for two reasons:
1) There are personal things that they do not want to
share publicly.
2) It would cut the length (and cost!) of the program
almost in half.

My rebuttals?

1) You really honestly have a problem with being honest
in public? You need therapy. Or something. More gumption!
Even if you feel you can't share all of what you want to
share in the public eye, you can certainly write your original
copy and then edit it! After all, us poor, afflicted students
had to write two versions of our biography - one for the
Scholar and one for the program! You can certainly do the
same! More gumption! You feel you can't share with the
public what you want to share with your child? Well, not
with that attitude you can't!

2) The argument of cheapness simply makes the proposition
even more attractive to the parents who do not want to be
honest in public (shy) and take the time to write something
honest (lazy). Everyone is WAY too focused on money.
Remember the verse about how the love of money is the
root of all evil? Love is not simply the admiration of or desire
for, but also refers to a concern, regard, and general
interest in. One should not be so concerned with earthly
things or with the means of things working out. Things will
work out. Money, or lack thereof, should not be used as a
deciding factor. You should focus on what you WANT to do,
not what you think is economically feasible. Focus on what
you WANT to do, not what you believe you CAN do. What
you believe you can do becomes what you actually are
capable of. "Whether you think you can or you think you
can't, you're right."

That is all. :(

I'm hungry.

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