Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yellow Trees (Jan 24, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, January 24, 2009)

I think... that I don't feel like doing homework because I kind of

don't like my classes. Maybe? But I really like double-spacing.

And... Maybe I don't want to do my homework because I only

have four classes and the course load, so far, has been significantly

less because it feels like we haven't even really done anything

yet, so I don't need to do anything yet? Maybe?

I guess I want to be busy?

I'm really tired.

We're getting together with Jen and Eric and Rhonda tomorrow! :D

Hooray! Favorite-people time!

Amber's out celebrating her twenty-first with Nikki and the rest.

I'm tired.

Next week, I have a 9am shift and two 530am shifts! Hooray! No,

really, I'm not being sarcastic at all. Second shift is dumb. :D

There's this weird ordeal with friend and friend's foreign boyfriend?

I've confronted, but have received no response.

::checks again:: Nope, nothing. >.>

My battery icon is not on my toolbar. o.0

A girl that's going to BC in the Fall befriended my on Facebook. Time

to start the social circle, I guess? Cool. She's just about as excited

for BC as I am. AND she's a Psychology major, too.

Apparently, I'm going to apply for the piano music scholarship at BC,

so I'm relearning some of my scales. "Two major scales played with

both hands simultaneously for two octaves..." I picked C, G, D, and A

because the flat scales have some weird fingering that I can't recall.

"...two classical pieces not exceeding two minutes in length." I'm doing

Chopin's A-Minor Waltz (although that's probably longer than two minutes)

and Kolling's Falling Leaves. I'm pretty confident I can get the piano

scholarship. Mom also wants me to try for the woodwind scholarship,

which is also some scale(s) and one classical(?) piece. I may as well try,

I suppose, but I don't think that my clarinet tone is solo-worthy.

Friend's foreign boyfriend wants to learn how to play the saxophone.

I think, that petty people are really, really, REALLY amusing. I wonder how

future events will go down. Bring it on, drama.

Speaking of drama, there's this piece I wrote once based on this mental

image I couldn't get out of my head of golden-yellow trees with stark

black trunks and branches and I would like to find it. I don't think I was

pleased with it, but I could always do a rewrite.

I have a speech on Tuesday. We're only allowed to have two note cards.

It's one to two minutes. Introductory speech. So, I basically have to

memorize it well enough to have "sufficient poise."

I am excited to see what I get on my Philosophy essay.

Kind of like this... only from a flat angle and with a wide shot of an entire forest. And black trunks and more of a gold. I'll have to draw it. It's still in my head. After all this time.

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