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College(3) (Sep 4, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, September 4, 2009)

Personal Development Portfolio
Weekly reflective writing, movies, essay prompts based on the movies we watch, two books, discussions, service learning, and a final compilation reflective paper.
Essentially, it's going to be my book, The Influence List, getting written and being applied and discussed.
We're going to be watching The Truman Show.

Measurement and Statistics
So far, so cake.
The in-class "quiz" we did yesterday was super-cake, although I expect that it will not continue to be cake. Soy muy inteligente. For homework yesterday, we had to pick a topic and argue why it represents pseudoscience according to the characteristics we studied. The topic I picked was homeopathy. Hopefully you know why that's funny. Haha. I figured I should stretch myself, no? :]

Jazz Band
New favorite band EVER: Earth, Wind, Fire. One of our songs is In the Stone and I looked it up on youtube and Wow. Why have I never listened to this band before? Srsly. And we went over Better Get Hit in Your Soul, which sounds amazing because it was published by the Hal Leonard Company. And we did Decoupage, which is in 5/4 time. Weirdest thing ever. Very difficult to count. And I have mostly tabs for my music, so next Tuesday, Dr. Weir is going to give me the chord cheat lesson. And he'll probably teach it better than any guitarist ever could. I'm sorry, but guitarists and pianists think very differently. They know that.

New Testament
Since everyone here has to take this course, it can't be that bad. And my teacher is approaching it less as a history course and more as a historical idea/concept course. Yay, ideas! The amount of reading I had to do for this morning was uncanny. One chapter in the textbook, the Editor's Preface and the To the Reader in the annotated Bible, five chapters of I Maccabees, and sixteen chapters of II Esdras.
II Esdras is very interesting and I highly recommend it. Don't believe me? Don't believe that there's worth within it? Simply approach it as a piece of influential historical literature. That's how the prof. is telling us to think about this course.

Introduction to Western Music
Likely to be my least favorite class of the semester, but I think it will certainly be a valuable course. It also has the potential to be super-cake. Especially because many of the students are not musical people. I am a musical person. I should be set. A potential problem is the unorganized nature of the prof.

Intermediate Spanish I
Excellent teacher. The first three weeks are going to be review, so that should be cake. And hopefully by the time we start going over new stuff, I'll have remembered enough to make the remaining part of the course also be cake. I was good at Spanish two years ago. I should still be good at it, no?

Piano Lessons
Dr. Taylor is a goofy guy. He reminds me of the character of the dad from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. No lie. We started with me playing Elegie and him telling me that I play it about twenty-three times too fast. It is now an entirely different piece.
I still kind of like it my way. :]
Lessons should be good. I have a feeling they will be more like piano camp lessons, which were excellent.
We're starting out by working on Elegie, Trois Gnossiennes, and La Tambourin. I wish I hadn't picked La Tambourin.

Pep Band
AWESOME. We have our first game tomorrow, with a pep band cookout preceding. AWESOME. I think no one on campus was as excited about pep band as I was. Ask Olivia.

Library Job
I worked my first hour on Wednesday. With minimal training, I mostly figured it out by myself. And read my book for PDP. The library will be an awesome place to get homework done.

I think my previous college experiences almost gave me a warped sense of what college is. Don't get me wrong, it is great here and I definitely have the Aaron Cohen attitude, but... I kind of miss HACC... at least the atmosphere... definitely the atmosphere. I was certainly finished with the rest of it back in May.

We shall see.

Don't believe that there's worth within it?

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