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Spring 2010, + (Oct 24, 2009)

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9-9:50a PSY230
2-3:15p SOC352

8-9:15a SOC317
11a-12:15p SPAN202
3:30-4:30p MUS444
7-8:15p SOC255

9-9:50a PSY230
2-3:15p SOC352

8-9:15a SOC317
11a-12:15p SPAN202
3:30-4:30p MUS444
7-8:15p SOC255

9-9:50a PSY230

I cannot yet register for classes until Wednesday, but this should be my schedule for next semester if everything goes according to plan. And, if it does not go according to plan, that's okay, Bunko. If it does not go according to plan, then it was not meant to be.


PSY230 Research Methods
An exploration of descriptive, correlational, and
experimental research methods and statistics.
Topics include an introduction to science as a way
of thinking, the fundamentals of ethical research,
sampling, hypothesis testing, reliability and
validity, the nature and correct use of inferential
statistics, and how to interpret main effects and
interactions. Students will develop expertise with
SPSS as they analyze data to test the hypotheses
of a group designed research project. Three
lecture hours and one lab per week.

SOC352 Qualitative and Ethnographic Research
This course introduces practical, theoretical, and
ethical issues involved in interpretive, field-based
cultural research. Students will gain exposure to
the questions and assumptions associated with
various approaches to qualitative inquiry. Specific
research methods addressed may include participant
observation, interviews, field notes, archiving
and analysis of multimedia materials, and
ethnographic writing. Students will gain hands-on
experience through small-scale field projects, and
develop a plan for their own original research.

SOC317 Sociology of Birth and Death
An examination of how events often assumed
to be “natural” are conditioned by social and
cultural forces. Emphasis is on the socialization
of nature, changes in medicine and technology,
the transmission of cultural mores regarding birth
and death, and the rituals that surround them.
Questions of how society supports, controls, and
constrains our arrival into and departure from the
world are addressed, as well as the ways in which
birth and death become cultural metaphors for
other social phenomena.

SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish II
Strengthening the skills of speaking, listening,
reading, writing and culture at the intermediate
level. Modern cultural and literary texts are

SOC255 Introduction to Social Welfare Systems
Traces the origins and development of current
social welfare institutions and illuminates the
philosophical and ethical considerations under-
girding social policy while considering the merits
and deficits of current social services. While a
primary focus is on the political, economic, and
social context of the American welfare system,
cross-cultural comparisons will be considered.

MUS444 Jazz Band
Jazz Band.

If things don't go according to plan, the worst that will happen is that I will have to take SPAN202 MWF 1-1:50p. But hopefully my Fridays will be SWEET.

My New Testament professor mentioned a movie called Paperchase, which is about a law student who shifts his focus from grades to his learning and teaches himself to love learning. This newfound love of school turns him into the best student ever-more devoted, more confident, and absolutely not concerned about grades at all because he knows his devotedness and confidence have allowed him to excel.

So, this is my experiment for the rest of the semester, especially in regards to my terribly music class (from which I am learning NOTHING). I am going to be a relaxed student (I've actually been very relaxed this semester, so far) and just enjoy hanging out and learning stuff and being exposed to more and more information. Going to class and reading and doing assignments not for the grade, but just to gain a wealth of information and experience.

We will see how my grades are at the end of the semester. Not that they need improving, but as long as they continue to be well, I predict that my end-of-semester stress will be significantly lower than ever before.

Addendum: Alongside many other things, there is nothing I believe in more than the fact that one is ALWAYS gaining experience. Always. I've met people who do not agree with this and I simply do not comprehend. EVERYTHING's an experience, ALWAYS, no matter what.
(Jan 16, 2010)

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