Saturday, January 9, 2010

College (Aug 30, 2009)

(posted to Facebook, August 30, 2009)

Today, with the upperclassmen having moved in today and moving in currently, I thought to myself that I cannot wait to be a sophomore and know what's going on and have the little freshies look up to me.

I then remembered that I am technically already a sophomore.

I have not yet found my clique, but that's okay. I've found friends, yes, but I have yet to find my niche. I'm also waiting to stumble upon those that enjoy school as much as I do. I've found one or two of those.

I'm really frustrated with overhearing people ask how long a seminar is gong to last or complaining about how their one class is two hours long.

I suppose I sometimes forget about my prior experience with the college culture, underestimate how deeply those encounters have influenced me, and overestimate that others know the same things I do.

On Saturday, I felt super young and was in disbelief that I am actually old enough to go to college.

Today, I feel super old.

While I have not yet found my clique, my niche, I believe that I will stumble upon these people when classes start. And pep band! And jazz band!

While I am friends with freshman, I do not believe that my niche will be found among freshmen.

I have a really odd social-psychological complex that stems from the vast gap between my physical and emotional/mental ages.

Addendum: I did find my niche(s) and my deepest niche is with three very mature Freshmen. We call ourselves the quad.
(Jan 9, 2010)

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